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Kendra Elaine
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Kendra Elaine

As a millennial who’s been in corporate America, Kendra connects with your staff to empower them to become self-motivated leaders no matter what their level is in the company. She equips them with the tools to increase their internal leadership through clarity exercises, confidence building, and action based success planning. She will educate your leaders to do the same. She gives managers a millennial-eye-view of why they’re experiencing so much turnover, how to engage and motivate their team, and why diversity is so important. It’s time out for pointing the finger. Kendra pushes your staff to look at themselves as leaders and acknowledge what they can start doing differently. She accepts no excuses. The path to becoming a true leader starts within.
The respect you want, starts with you. The position you want, starts with you. The relationships you want, starts with you. The growth you want, starts with you.

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