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but you don't know how

You’ve done in house training. You’ve spent countless dollars and hours on autonomous training platforms. But the results remain the same.
You feel helpless and frustrated with your team’s numbers, the level of productivity, the rising tension between teams and their managers, and the continually growing gap between the generations.
For the first time we have 5 generations in the workforce: Silent, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and now Gen Z. The communication, mindset, and motivation gap between these groups continue to plague your teams. 
And the onset of Covide 19 has not helped. With entire teams now working virtually, a whole new set of management issues have arrived. How do you effectively manage virtually? How do you set expectations and measure productivity? How will you coach them back into the office once this is all over? How will you shift your manager’s mindset if the teams stay virtual?
And what about your essential workers? Those still on the frontlines during this time. Are you keeping them motivated? Are you communicating properly with them?
80% percent of millennials say flexibility plays a role in their decision of jobs.
60% percent say they are open to exploring new positions.
When the dust settles, companies will be promoting their new virtual capabilities to attract top talent. With 60% of your team open to exploring, are you prepared to retain your key players?
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Most generational management strategies being taught today are outdated, misguided, or just plain don’t work. Millennials need beanbag chairs & ping pong tables? Bust your budget on endless snacks? Gen X and Boomers don’t need anything? Really?

Or worse – completely change your company & office structure – renovate the kitchen, have beer Fridays, create a promotion system that occurs every 6 months, tear down all the walls, create new job titles, spend $100K on a new website, give every new hire a custom gift baskets, climb Mount Everest (kidding on that last one)… just reading that list is exhausting, right?

Never confuse “nice to have” suggestions with Retention Strategies.

The fact is there’s a huge difference between keeping your employees entertained while at work and what we show our clients – which is actionable retention strategies to attract, engage, and retain high performing talent in any generation. 

Kendra Elaine’s Consulting is DIFFERENT!

I teach my clients proven engagement & retention techniques that work and last.

And I give you everything you need from generational overviews, coaching strategies, frameworks, templates, tools, tips, difficult conversations, goal setting, team activities – even creating individual action plans for you and your team along with custom strategies to utilize your discretionary budget as added value for your employees.

PLUS the mindset support to put these strategies into action and the accountability to make sure you get on track and stay on track to create radical and rapid transformations in your teams.

This is why I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and executives to help them create amazing shifts in their teams. My process just works.

Your managers will be able to freely discuss their concerns, biases, and mental blocks when it comes to dealing with their team. I provide the place for them to say what they can’t say to their team, so we can work through it and drive your ultimate desired outcome: high performing teams.

When you’re ready, contact me for a quick chat. We’ll discuss what’s going on with your teams and if my proven strategy will work for you.


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What are people saying?

Real words from the people that matter!
  • This was an awesome session! So informative. I liked the way the different generations were displayed and compared. Very structured. The management solutions and tips sounded doable and actually practical for all kinds of work place situations. Thank you so much!
  • Kendra, I saw you speak yesterday at DisruptHR. It was my first time attending such an event. Hands down you presented THE BEST presentation I’ve ever seen on the topic of millennials. Honestly it was the first time I’ve ever heard content that truly had something to offer that was insightful about millennials. Mostly what we hear seems to have a tone of either complaining about millennials, or it points out things they value which I find other generations valuing as well, e.g. “social justice/giving back to the community” .... uhhh, hello, history shows the Baby Boomers schooled us all in this area with the Civil Rights and similar movements. Thank you again for such a refreshing, true, real presentation yesterday. You are awesome!
  • This coaching was all about personal growth and with the work that I have put in, I see the change. Kendra is one of the best coaches/mentors I have come in contact with. She listens with understanding and there is no judgment when it comes to her. Her knowledge and comforting nature made it easy to expose myself and in turn make the necessary changes.
  • This was the best program that I've attended. I liked the openness of the presenter and the way she presented the information. I have had training before concerning managing across generations but this was by far the most engaging.
  • I liked how Kendra went into detail about the different working habits of generations. I also liked how there are slides to help us see how we can connect the generations together in the work environment. I liked the way that she broke down characteristics of different generations by various categories. I tried to picture certain people I work with or supervise and apply these traits to them. Amazingly, many of her generalized characteristics were spot on for the people I was thinking about.
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  • This was a great talk to hear! Kendra was very informative and open to hearing what the audience asked/commented on. Would love to hear more from her.
  • I reached out to Kendra because I was struggling to be motivated at work. Today I worked with her and in an hour I gained clarification, understanding, and insight. Kendra helped me figure out how much I want to help people. Today I realized that I no longer want to sit on the sideline. I want to be a major player. I want to make a difference. I want to be part of the success!