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Empowering Your Team to Become Self-Motivated Leaders at Any Level

Kendra Elaine
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Kendra Elaine

Kendra empowers your team to become self-motivated leaders no matter what their level is in the company. She equips them with the tools to increase their internal leadership through clarity exercises, confidence building, and action based success planning. While educating your attendees on how to get crystal clear on their goals, how to build up their internal belief system, and what being in position truly means, she ignites their desire to do better. Whether it be personally or professionally, Kendra pushes your group to become more self-aware and accountable. She accepts no excuses.
The respect you want, starts with you. The position you want, starts with you. The relationships you want, starts with you. The growth you want, starts with you.

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Dr. Natisha Small on Kendra Elaine’s keynote presentation at UMSL Bridge Program Closing Ceremony 2017.


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